Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Housemates and Neurologists

Had three potential house mates interview this evening. The first was a guy, which I was unsure about to begin with, but then lil sis vetoed him, because he was apparently too good looking. Ok....Second was a girl who seemed quite nice and laid  back. She seemed like she'd be a reasonably good fit. And she was dead keen on the room. Third was another girl, who seemed nice enough, but a bit particular, she took notes!!! Anyway lil sis and I chatted and decided the first girl was the one. So I gave her a call, and she had managed to find another place in the hour since we met up, that was closer to work, and had decided to take that. Sigh. House-mate hunting is a cut throat business! So, the guy is out, the second girl is a possibility, but we have decided to wait a few days to see if we get anymore bites.

Neurologist appointment this morning was a bit of a spin out. I saw a new doctor and she told me that at my current dosage she wasn't suprised I was having seizures. Wtf? Why hasn't anyone said anything to me about this before? Anyway, she increased my Epilim, and said we might have to look into adding Keppra. Great, another medication! Anyways, new doc seems to be a bit of a test freak, and wants me to get another MRI and a sleep-deprived EEG. Fun! I mean, it is good news, that I could possibly get a bit more seizure control. Although she did admit, that until the sleep issues are resolved its going to be somewhat tricky. But I need to get into the headspace, of dealing with the epilepsy side of things. I'm so focussed on the mental health stuff, I just don't have a lot of head space for anything else. And I had just gotten to the point where I had accepted that until I start sleeping a bit more, I am going to have a seizure every week or two. Its good news, it really is...sigh.

Texted (D) this morning to let her know I had to turn off my phone for my appointment, but that I was doing ok and I would see her tomorrow. Really need to make my mind up about these daily check in calls, and what is for the best.

Other than that pretty boring day. Still haven't spoken to Bachelor Number One, still haven't called uni, got a bit of cleaning done. Tomorrow I have coffee with (K) and then therapy in the afternoon. In between, I really need to at least call the uni.


  1. That is hilarious that the girl took notes while you showed her around. Weirdo alert!!!! I am lucky I never had to have a housemate that I didn't already know.

    The seizure's sound horrible. I hope you get them under control soon. I hear you about the medication, I'm sure I rattle. I would take a photo of my pill cupboard and post it on my blog, but I fear I could scare people and lose all the people reading my, as I see it, boring as bat shit posts.

    Good luck with the new med!

    Sarah :-)

  2. Just wanted to say I like your blog, and good luck with everything you're going through. My daughter and several students I work with have seizures, and they're a scary business. I hope they get under control for you.

  3. Well hi there to both of you. Always great to have comments from new people. Thanks for you good wishes. Seizures can be scary, but if i could choose between my epilepsy and mental health issues, I would pick epilepsy, in a heart beat.

    Yeah the housemate thing is horrible, I'd rather not have one but lils sis and I can't afford the rent for too much longer just us. I'm hoping if I give it a couple of days the perfect housemate will rock up.

    Of course I may need to lower my expectations, as my perfect housemate is someone I never hear, see or talk to, but that pays rent and bills in full and on time. Lol

    I look forward to looking at your blogs.