Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and for a while there was quiet.....

Sisters both went out this evening, I could have gone out too, but am just not much into "people" these days, so decided to stay home. Sis ex had been reasonably quiet towards the end of last night and besides, he tends to be pretty decent to me when we're one on one. I think because I tend to de-escalate him and not challenge him. Anyway, spent most of the evening cleaning and then curled up in my room. He did come and speak to me at one stage about rent and bills ect, and I could tell he was frustrated, but he was quite civil. In many ways, I feel bad for him. It's a shitty situation when you are the one that gets 'fallen out of love' with. I can tell he's hurting, he just chooses to express it in completely inappropriate ways, numpty! That being said, as comfortable as I feel handling him by myself, its when lil sis and big sis are around to and the situation escalates out of control that I get quite scared.... I don't think he would be physically violent... nasty, yes... but physical, probably not, but still, you never know.

Anyway, I thought he'd gone to bed over two hours ago. But lil sis just rang to ask me if he was home. I said he was, but that he'd been pretty quiet and now was in bed. And she said no, he's not. Apparently, he has been texting and calling her non stop for the last few hours. so he is lying there in the dark, harrassing his ex girlfriend with incessant calls. Sigh. Lil sis is on her way home, and I could tell from her voice she was a little worried when she heard he was home....

Hopefully is not another showdown.

And me, I'm just an agitated little ball of useless frenetic energy, with a completely disconnected brain for the most part.

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