Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everyone else can ignore this post

*This post is directed at the person (family member) who I believe has gone through the history on my computer or looked at my computer whilst I had my blog up and is now reading my blog*

A) This blog is anonymous for a reason. If I wanted you to read it, I would have told you about it. If I wanted you to know these things, I would have told you about it. It is no better than reading somebody's diary without permission.... very low!
B) Google Analytics.... funny how I all of a sudden have a spike in readership from this town, huh? And the thing about reading somebody's internet history, is that I can do the same thing myself on the other computer you are accessing... I wonder what I'd find?
C) Weird how you all of a sudden know things that I just haven't discussed with you....psychic powers that you have suddenly acquired?
D) I thought about turning this blog private, but you know what? I am not ashamed of anything that I am writing here. It is none of your business, but I am not ashamed. I was originally more concerned that given your behaviour at times and the way that makes me feel, I might write negative things about you on here at times and that would upset or anger you. But upon reflection, I have decided that snoopers run the risk of hearing bad things and that is down to your choices. But remember, whatever I say on here, you can't take umbrance to, or even say anything to me about it, because you know you are totally in the wrong reading it without my permission. So I would suggest for your own sake, you stop. And I will know if you don't.

I know this pseudo warning has passive aggressive undertones, but I don't see the point in calling you out on this. You will lie and I will know you are lying. So really it is your choice, not just to do the right thing because that is obviously a difficult concept for you, but to avoid yourself the discomfort of me writing the total truth about you.

Sorry everybody else, who had to read this and witness this little family tiff.

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  1. I'm really sorry that you're in this situation ... it's horrible to have your privacy messed with in that way. I hope whoever it is listens to what you've said here.

    take care x