Thursday, December 3, 2009

Write yourself a letter of kindness

Write yourself a message o' kindness
Sing yourself a song to reconcile
How you're gonna sail a steady ship right through the tempest
No we're not finished just yet

Will you raise a smile when y'see me come
Or linger in the darknesses you spun
Y'confidence and trust are so hard won
We're not finished just yet
Gotta get this off my chest

Dear me,
I know at the moment you are feeling pretty miserable and the gremlins are telling you all sorts of things about what a terrible, horrible, how can people bare to even breathe the same air as you, type person you are.  When you're feeling pushed and pulled and tumbled all around, it can be hard for you to find perspective. You may even want to start punishing yourself through acts of minor and major self-destruction, because that is of, course what you deserve. You may feel like removing yourself from the gene pool, because you feel as though you will never be anything but a burden to those around.

But, just for a moment, before you get back to a night of no sleep and self flagellation, let's try a little kindness.  You are:
- a loyal friend, who will try to push aside whatever you may be experiencing to be there for those you love, even when it comes at a cost to your own mental well-being
-you are intelligent and insightful, and try always to empathise and see things from others point of view
-you have and continue to go to great lengths to try and protect loved ones, from outside elements that would hurt them, and from your own personal turmoil.
-you have a good sense of humour and even in the darkest hours can usually find something funny, even if you do have to resort to dark humor or self-deprecation
-people stick by you, for years, you have friends still from early high school... if you were such a terrible person would they not have up sticks and cut all ties by now?
-you are trying your hardest
-you are great with children, and aren't they usually the best judge of character
-whatever labels others may wish to place on you, whatever foilbles, failures or weaknesses they would like to attribute to you, you will listen openly, respond and alter if necessary, but still remain, always and essentially you.
There. You can go back to beating yourself up, but through that, these facts reamin, immutedbly and steadfastly true.
Love me.

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