Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Throw it out and start afresh

I have been quite unmotivated when it comes to the daily mundaities of 'keeping house' lately. The ashtray on my peaceful little porch area has been full for about a week now, but rather than empty it, I have just put the butts in an empty diet coke can (caffiene free, of course!) that has also been left slovenly lying about out there. And it is gross, filling with more and more ash and disgusting used butts until it is bordering on overflowing. So just now, I picked up the can and walked around to the bins and threw it out. And I had a thought... how good would it be if I could do the same with all the gross and disgusting feelings that are piling up towards overflowing inside of me.... pick them up, walk around to the bins and start again fresh. Would, that life be so easy, huh?

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