Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Try water aerobics!!

Have just come back from the pool energised and much cooler, thank goodness! Our instructor is a really vivacious lady, who does the impossible and actually makes exercise fun for me, rather than something I must endure to get rid of this horrible belly, and the ladies who attend are a good variety of young and old, thick and thin, rather than the barbies in tank tops I have to watch on the treadmill ahead of me at the gym. Plus she plays awesome 80's music! I have a lot of fun and really must try not to let lack of motivation stop me from going, because when I do go, it keeps me smiling for at least the next few hours. So, if youre like me, and hate exercise, but need it for endorphins and to fight the medication bulge, my advice is to look up your  community pool and try water aerobics!

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