Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seasons Greetings and stuff

This is our Christmas tree... pretty, huh?

Not much to report and am too busy staying on guard to the whole family thing to attempt an extensive post right now. There has been no major bloodshed, instead we have just wrapped our selves in blankets of past hurts, tensions and disputes. But there has been moments where the smile wasn't entirely fake. A water pistol fight with my mum and stepdad started as great way to cool off this afternoon, and turned into a strategically complex, military campaign. :)

Got some cool swag. Lots of art stuff and an art desk which is very exciting. My mum cried when we gave her her present, so that was a resounding success.

On the negative side, I am as sick as a dog, and finding it increasingly difficult to breathe, which is super annoying as I only have 5 more smoking days before I quit,  I guess maybe I can look at it as an illness driven, slow descent instead of going cold turkey as I had planned.

Lots of yummy food etc, no diet today!

I am holding it together. I am holding it together rather well. That is all.

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