Friday, December 4, 2009

Other peoples problems

Today has been probably one of the better days I've had recently, and I feel a bit terrible for the reason why. Quite simply, I've been putting so much effort into supporting other people through their crisis' today, that there has not been a lot of space for me to be a mess. Quite simply, I've had to pull it together, to step up to the plate for them.

A good friend, has been dealing with some relationship issues, with an on again-off again engagement. And my sister (A) called me from work today, in tears, devastated because she has learnt that her best friend, who she gave some work to in the store she manages has been stealing money from the till, and she is faced not only with the betrayal of this, but also with the fact that in order to keep her job, she will need to report her 'friend' to the store owner. Along with the loss of 10 year friendship, she is feeling deeply guilty (despite the fact she is not the one in the wrong) that when she reports this owner, if he chooses to press charges it could have really bad implications for the 'friends' custody battle. This is coupled by the fact that this friend is refusing to admit responsibility despite the fact that sister has her on the store camera pocketing the money (and it adds up to a rather large sum), thus making my sister out to be the bad guy.

So I have been there to listen to friend with relationship problems, and after talking through options with my sister, I did what any good older sister would do and took her out for dinner and drinks (I only had diet coke!) to take her mind off the problem, for the time being.

Tomorrow I have a two year olds birthday party to attend in the morning, and then my Aunt is travelling down with her two kids from hometown to stay with us the night. She has only just in recent weeks left her husband, so there will probably be a bit more supportive, listener needed there too. I'm going to watch my littlest cousin, while she takes her elder child to watch motorcross in the afternoon. So it will be an afternoon of tea parties and barbies for me. And then on Sunday, I have a 10-2 shift at Ronald McDonald House.

The feelings I have been having are still there, my level of anxiety has not changed, but Game face has had to be engaged in order to be what I need to be for my loved ones. Its exhausting trying to keep up this front for them, but ultimately I think somewhat benficial...fake it till you make it and all that... so here's to a weekend of 'other peoples problems'.

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