Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vain whinge

I am hungry.... really really hungry.

I have ranted and raved previously about the ridiculous amount of weight the new medication has made me gain. I have tried just making sure I was eating healthily, and getting a reasonable amount of exercise. But the kilos just kept on creeping up. And by Monday of this week I was just in tears over it.

So... I have done what I never thought I'd do and gone on a shake diet. I never really thought much of them, but I have a friend who lost a substantial amount of weight on this particular program. You are supposed to have the shakes for breakfast and lunch, and then three small low carb snacks and a small low carb dinner. And lots of water. The water and the shakes combined are supposed to make you feel full. But I am starving hungry pretty much all the time! I don't know how long its going to last. I am probably even crankier and more depressed than I was to begin with.

How do other people deal with anti-psychotic weight gain?

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