Thursday, September 3, 2009

Willl the real me please stand up?

Interesting discussion with therapist (D) today. Came skippping into her office merrily, in stark contrast to the depressed suicidal amoeba she had sitting across from her two weeks ago. And she was understandingly perplexed. As am I. Could it these new drugs are really that suuuuuuper fantastic? Is it just the sheer relief of being out of hospital? Am I 'presenting' myself in the way I think I should be preseting after the palaver of the last two weeks, and the hospital's "its your choice' CBT indoctrination shoved down my throat? I don't know.

All I know is that for today I seemed happy-ish

Scarily, today I didnt really feel I existed, it was kind of like I was just watching that happy peroson, with no connection to her.

Maybe I am still dead.

I wonder if this blathering makes sense to a single person in the world?

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