Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking advice from Hugh Grant...what has my life come to?

Remember in the movie "About a Boy", Hugh Grant's character talks about breaking his day into units.... ie.. hours.... hair cut (half a unit), TV (two units). This has become my tatic for getting through the fogginess that is my life right now. Except sometimes my units are as small as five minutes. I guess, I just figure if I can concentrate on a task for a finite amount of time, then thats 5 minutes further towards getting better. Pretty dumb, huh? And my units are pretty basic things.... this evening I am cooking dinner (3 units) eating dinner (2 units), showering (5 hell with water restrictions!) painting my toenails (3 units). You get the picture? Snoooooooore! But at the moment its just five minutes at a time, a lot of the time.... thats the only way I can get through...unit by unit. Through to what, you might ask? Well, I'm asking myself the same question? Pondering the futility of trying to exist in a world that seems determined to squish you like an ant under its omnipotent shoe? (128394950038458 units...)

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