Monday, September 14, 2009

Its a new day

Well, obviously yesterday was a bit of a downer. Today I have my first appointment back with therapist (D) since she went on holidays. It is strange how quickly you come to rely on those little weekly/bi-weekly visits to get you through, so I am quite looking forward to it. Though dreading the public transport as usual. Second, on today's agenda is a job interview. It is only some part time tutoring work but will hopefully be enoguh to keep me occupied, b rain engaged and a little extra cash won't hurt. And then thirdly, have to submit assignment, which is all done, bar the refernce page, which I am planning to compile on the train this morning.

This week is a busy one. Aside from appointments- another with therapist (d) on Thursday, one with Case Manager (M) tomorrow, and one with Doc S at some point to renew prescriptions, I have also filled the week with coffee and lucnh dates, movies, a trip to the beach, and a horse trail ride. Because the dreaded 18th is looming, and this is a traditionally bad time of year for me. Its kind of a black anniversary, if you will. So I want to pack as much as I can in around it, so I don't have time to fall apart.

In other news, little sis (A) leaves for her big European tour on Sunday, and if I am completely honest, I am jealous as hell!... She has worked very hard for it, but the truth is even if it were financially possible to go myself, I don't know how i'd fare with the crowds and the lack of routine, in adddition to the worries the epilepsy brings with it...

Well, time to get up and showered.....

Today is done
Today was fun
Tomorrow is another one
~Dr Seuss

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