Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Anniversary



  1. Thinking of you. Days like this are pretty mammoth and sometimes distraction is the best way out. From someone who has drowned numerous times in their memories, know that there will be days when it is easier. Not saying you ever really get over the dark stuff, or maybe I've just not reached that stage, but you certainly can find a way of making it hurt less. One which doesn't hurt again, or just bury it deeper. Stay safe.

    Lola x

  2. I had a trauma one, a one off incident when I was a kid that was an issue I remembered but could never talk about to people... I was always unsure if it really happened or not... I needed more info. Last year after much searching I discovered the age I was and the year and date it happened and it enable me to deal with the trauma and talk about it through the group therapy I was in. It’s still an issue and one that will always be there but I know what you mean about wondering about things and flashbacks etc...

    I hope you get through the next week, keep safe x