Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Nest

After a major depressive episode I always seem to go into what I call my 'nesting' phase. Or what could also be referred to as the bunker mentality. It involves preparing my space for the next avalanche of darkness, whilst I have the energy.
1. Clean the room of detrius of previous episode. Likely You have not felt up to much in the way of cleaning lately. When I came home from hospital there was not even enough room to sit, let alone sleep on my bed, which was covered with books, papers and clothes I had neither the energy nor the inclination to move.
2. Spring Clean... wash the sheets, dust, consider a new duvet cover or ornament to cheer the place up. Maybe buy another plant to replace the one that died of neglect during your last lock-in!
3. My "space" that i retreat to in depressive hermit-tude is my bedroom, thus it is an all purpose space. There is a phone, laptop (wireless), TV/DVD, stereo, Big bed with lots of cushions.
4. Fill drawer with 'life-sustaining" equipment.... muslei bars, chocolate, crackers, water bottles, medications, deodorent, air freshner......
Now, your space is completely prepared for the next onslaught, and you've done it while you have the energy and frame of mind to do it! If only my room had an ensuite it would be perfect!

Boys scout motto for the mentally unwell..... be prepared!

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