Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 things that have happened in the last fortnight

1. Was voluntarily hospitalised in an Acute Adult Psychiatiric Unit
2. Stayed there for fourteen days! (ho hum)
3. Got lovely new drugs that are helping me sleep all through the night
4. Started eating regular meals plus horrible "resource drinks" and have put on four kilo in two weeks
5.Started new Antidepressent- yet to notice effect, but has to be given time.
6. Met some lovely people on the ward, nurses and paitents alike
7. Met some complete douchebags!
8.Have been assigned a public health psych doc and case manager
9. Had an eeg done, and neuro appt for two months time to moniter epilepsy
10. Learnt I really can trust my therapist. She sat for hours in the ED with me, and phoned almost every day I was hospitalised. This is a big!

So thats a quick run down... will fill in the blanks over the next few days, cos its beddy bye time, on the new pill regime...

peaceful sleeps to all!

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