Monday, March 1, 2010

Stalking you on the Internets

Some more distraction from the gremlins needed.

So, I've been peeking over at Google analytics, cos I'm nosey like that.... and now for your reading pleasure, some  mind numbingly boring interesting trivia about my blog (feel free to stop reading any time now!)

Who are you?
Well, despite the fact I have a mere 12 people following me. (And much beloved they are, my dear readers!) There are in fact a number of other people who read my blog. Most of em, I would suspect, bounce right off after reading a few sentences, but some of ya'all just keep coming back... what gives? :P So, the winners of the top 5 cities who read my blog are: (drumroll please.....)
1. Derby, UK
2. Sydney, Australia
3. London, UK
4. New York, USA
5. Belfast, UK.
As an interesting aside, I have a semi-regular reader/readers (?) from Dundee in Scotland, which just tickles me, as my mother was born there, and my grandparents were both raised there and lived there until they emmigrated in the 60's. We do, I believe, have quite a bit of family still there, though nobody I've had any regular contact with.

By far, the most popular posts seem to be the "On the ward series" and anything related to the therapeutic relationship, boundaries or in general, just being pissed off at this annoying person called a therapist, who insists on getting "all up in yo grill".... No suprise there. Will try to write another "On the ward" post when I am not feeling quite so apathetic...

My favourite part of google analytics is checking out the google searches that send people my way.

Alcohol Consumption + Avanza
Sounds like fun! Can I join you?

Therapist sucks
I hear ya sister! Unfortunately you will find no solutions on my blog, but a whole lot of whinging...

What to do in Australia when its too hot to work
Three words. Pool, beer, dodgy sick note!

Introducing myself for to find a true female friend
Erm...good luck? Can I suggest you try instead?

Scared of gremlins
Me too, buddy, me too... Can I suggest sleeping with a meat tenderisor under your pillow? That's my common fall back plan.

How do I know if I'm crazy
Ask the leprechaun standing next to you, if he says yes, you probably are! I judge my current level of crazy like an archeologist, the amount of layers of debris in my nest zone, ie. bed and surrounding flooring, will indicate the length of descent into crazy and careful inventory of what's in these layers, will denote the severity of crazy. Layer includes unwashed clothes and crisp packets= slightly crazy, Layer includes photographs from the past and five empty tim tam packets=moderate crazy, Layer includes an empty bottle of Brown Brother's White wine and various editions of my suicide note= Red Alert Crazy.

And finally...
What does maternal acopia mean
 You've got me! No idea what that means or why it brought you to my blog. Hrmmm.

Anyways, now that I've finished stalking my readers for the evening, am going to lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling until dawn, cos that's how I roll!


  1. This made me laugh out loud. I like this post, though I like all of your posts :-)


  2. I follow your blog too.. though not officially. I am a CPTSD'er writing student in Melbourne, aged 29.(Funny how as soon as you say that, everything after it reads like dribble). You actually remind me a lot of me. I like your poem "why". My ambivalence will likely see me drift in and out of commenting..but I will be here reading, feeling less alone because you were kind enough to share with us.

    -S :-)