Friday, March 19, 2010

Effexor Sucks

I started my first and probably only dose of Effexor this morning. They reduced my Avanza last night, and had me take 37.5 of the Effexor this morning, which was what I was supposed to do for a week. But I could barely get out of bed this morning with vertigo after I took the dose. At first I thought it was a seizure coming on, because vertigo usually is a pretty good warning of that, but by about 1pm, I realised it wasn't a seizure. Little sis has the flu coming on, but I have no other symptoms than the dizziness. So I rang the PMH, and they advised that for the moment I cease the Effexor, and get back on the Avanza at full dose tonight, and they have moved my appointmeent with the PsychDoc forward. Medication FAIL. Oh, well. Feeling pretty cruddy, so i might sign off for a whiles...
peace and love


  1. Effexor was awful for me to when I first started it, but it was the first anti-d that, after years and years of depression, actually worked. After my first dose, which they hospitalised me for, I slept for hours. I was coming off of aropax (what a heap of shit that is) and I went up to 445mg of effexor over a period of time. It brought me out of the depression really well, but it's not for everyone. I actually cannot take any anti-d now as I get manic within a week, which I love, but no one around me does. Avanza worked for me too. I have heard though that effexor is hell to come off of if you're on the XR one. I was only ever on the normal one. Good luck finding a new one! It sucks trying to get the right one.

  2. It's a horrible medication in many ways. It sent me even more mad when I started it, then when the dose was increased it did it all again. And it's got one of the worst discontinuation syndromes of any anti-depressant.

    To be honest I'm not sure it helps me much on its own, but the new combination with Quetiapine does seem to be making a difference. I wish it was easier to come off though.

    Good luck whatever your psychiatrist decides to do; hope you find something that works soon.

    Hugs xxx