Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Second Try

Had appointment with BabyPsychDoc yesterday. She is much better than the previous registrar my consultant had. Anyways, she obviously had taken the time to read my chart and also knew a bit about my 'case' so she was able to ask the "right" kind of questions, and was not purely medication driven. With that in mind, we did address my failed attempt to start Effexor. She thought the reaction I had on Friday sounded like postural hypertension, and may be from the way we attempted to titrate with the Avanza. So now, will take Avanza (30) until Monday of next week, Avanza (15) Tuesday and Wednesday and then switch to Effexor Thursday to see if there is still any reaction, whilst there is staff about to call, if I do have another reaction. So Effexor has not been written off yet!

We spoke briefly about my manic cleaning/organising phase and she suggested gardening, which was quite comical as I had just brought some seeds and new gardening gloves, which were in my bag at the time. Snap! I got a good start on preparing the beds today, but am limited to how much gardening I can do, as even at the beginning of autumn it still gets pretty dang hot here in Australia.

I got out of the house to catch up with a friend for a coffee. (Smiley sticker for me!) Tomorrow, I have Case Manager (M) in the morning then (D) in the afternoon. Afterwards I am going to catch up with a different friend (B) for coffee in the city and I have something little and social planned for both days this weekend (plus my volunteer shift on Sunday) (More smiley stickers for me!)


  1. i am so glad you are going out to see people- that's wonderful. i hope the medication begins to work out. getting the right medication is tricky and exasperating.

  2. this is all sounding good. I hope you don't get the same reaction to effexor the second time around. It's good making plans too, it makes your day mores structured and I think that really helps to keep you feeling okay.

  3. you probably know better than me how difficult changing medication and or/dosage etc is...good luck with the new plan. it sounds like you have a busy but overall relaxing weekend planned. enjoy!! N xx