Monday, March 1, 2010

Falling down in public...I does it!

It's raining cats and dogs. Once again, the weather is perfectly in-sync with my mood.

-I'm typing this one handed. I was walking through the shopping centre, about to exit, and went a over t on a patch of wet tile, landing on my right hand...cos I'm coordinated like that! Feeling quite lame and stupid, and not wanting to spend hours up at the A&E getting an Xray, I rang a local day and night doctor's surgery (not my own) to see if I could get an appointment there tonight. I was quite bemused to get and answering machine stating their opening hours as 7.30am-5.30pm. This is a clinic that had "Day and night" in their name. WTF? Anyways, am pretty sure is just a sprain, so I'm icing it, and working on the assumption if anything is broken, it will still be broken tomorrow. Hurts like a mo-fo though.

-Therapy...ah, therapy. It was painful. Painful in the "I'm just going to sit here in silence, because I have to be here, but not even chinese water torture could make me talk at this moment in time" kind of way. I am just trying so hard to keep everything together this week, with Thursday and all its connotations coming up, that I just cannot handle talking about any of this stuff. I wish I could just not go to therapy for a few days, but am pretty sure that would not go down very well. Sigh. So instead, silence, staring at the carpet, with obvious looks towards the clock, marking out the excrutiatingly slow progress of time that was that 50 minute session. I feel bad. I imagine it must be inordinantly frustrating for (D), but sometimes I feel like I just need to spend my time staying as still as possible, or everything will just fall apart. Can't stay, can't go, what the hell am I meant to do? And I''ve got to go back tomorrow. Sigh.

-Little ego boost from my lil sis (cos she's tactful like that). She was talking about whether she wants to live in *Current city we live in* for the rest of her life. She complained that at least in *our family hometown* she knew people....big sis, our aunt K etc, but here in current town, she has nobody, NOBODY!... She looks over from her melodramatic rant to see a bemused look on my face. "What?" she asks. "Erm...what about me? Aren't I someone?" I reply. She blusters "Oh, you know what I mean!". LMAO. Thanks lil sis, lub u too!

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  1. hope you're feeling a little better today from falling over. It was pissing down where I am yesterday too and unfortunately, looking foward to going to work in it NOT, pissing down today!