Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Frocks and Fascinators

Therapy on Tuesday continued much in the same vein as Monday. The anger, the rage. We went back and tried to pinpoint exactly when the feeling started to overwhelm me, and concluded that in some ways it did come down to me feeling judged, and inadequate. But also, because I know inherently, it is not D's natural inclination to judge, the fear that arises from the vunerability and exposure of being with somebody who will regard me with unconditional positivity makes the "voice" very angry. D asked whether she could be privy to the conversation going on in my head between the "voice" and I, and I replied no. No from the voice, and no from me. She asked if I was trying to protect her or me? Both really. The "Voice" is a manifestation of a part of me I'm not too proud of, and it thinks some very nasty things about her (from my perspective). And the "Voice's" job is to keep my guard up and protect me from anyone who might hurt me, so he doesn't want her to be privvy to ANY information (from his perspective). It creates quite a quandry. She said quite firmly that if she could not be privvy to the conversation, then the "Voice" was going to have to quieten down so she and I could have one. (Is very strange to have somebody else see the "Voice" the same way as I do... intrinsically a part of me, yet distinctally individual of me) Well, of course that got the "Voice" quite het up... and sent me into a bit of a dissociative state, or at least deeply internalised and unable to deal with outside factors ie her. I actually don't really remember getting home.... about 4 hours I can't really account for which is incredibly scary, but has happened before, in extreme stressed out states.  Unfortunately due to Easter Long weekend, and a missed session tomorrow (only time I could get into Dentisit) I won't be seeing her for a week, which is the longest in between session break we have had, outside of time spent in hospital. She will be phone contactable and encouraged me to ring, but I am heading back to small rural town to spend time with family for the long weekend and phone reception is quite dodgy.

Had group this morning, which is going pretty well. Haven't said much about it on this blog because really, it is a collective experience and thus confidentiality does come into it, but aside from the first session (when I was quite mentally unwell to begin with) I have actually quite enjoyed it and gotten some positive effects out of it. Even if it is just a collection of "Ah, I thought it was just me that.....etc etc". And just the effect of having to get out of the house one more day per week has been positive. Will be quite sad when it is over to be honest.

As I said, Home for the long weekend. Off to the country races, so I found a fascinator to go with my frock today, now I just have to find shoes... I really hate high heels, but its a frock so....hmmmm

Down to the lowest dose of Avanza now, change to effexor tomorrow. Haven't noticed it soo much with the mood, but physically, have a pretty bad case of the shakes etc. Hope this attempt turns out better than the last try

Looking forward to Sunday, when all the chocolate comes!

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  1. That "voice" is actually your right hemisphere, a bit undeveloped as in many of us, but he can learn. Unfortunately people don't know about that, and therapists neither, but it is very wrong from her part trying to shut it down. You should talk to him and explain to him everything that he doesn't seem to understand, and he'll be a great partner for all your life, something like your inner inspiration, your muse, or if you're religious, could also appear as a higher being.
    His main language is vision, if you're already where he shows himself to you with that then everything will be easier, as then the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain can get intensified.
    (The left hemisphere is language and thinking oriented, the right one is sensorial and visual, but both can do a little of the other activity, it's like the Yin-Yang symbol.)

    The anger you have is basically about ANY intervention from others, be it negative judgment or positive praise, you want to be independent and not get manipulated.
    (That's why I think therapy over the internet is much better than personal meetings, as there are no unnecessary emotions, you can concentrate on the message, and choose your own speed and time to digest it.)
    (I'm not a professional therapist, just an autodidact, but my success ratio is an incredible 100%, though it's only one case so far, myself, but after all it was severe schizophrenia and regarded as incurable by doctors.)