Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make my brain stop

I can not stop thinking.

I have cleaned the house from top to bottom

I have rearranged my bedroom

I can not stop thinking

I sorted through my belongings and clothings and pared down to the bare minimum... I even gave away books

I dusted, wiped, vacuumed.

I baked

I can not stop thinking

I'm now in the process of weeding the gardens

I am going to grow lavender and sweet peas

I can not stop thinking

For the love of God, Why can't I stop thinking???


  1. sorry you are feeling so icky! just wanted you to know that i have a had 'i can't stop thinking' day too today. don't they suck!!!!

  2. Oh, Ophelia. It really sucks. I think 'overthinking' is one of the worst things about our types of mental illness. I wish I could say something constructive, but there is nothing. Just, I know where you are. Thinking of you. xxx

  3. I find that I can't control my thoughts. I read some of David Burns' stuff, and I was just really frustrated by it. Something that was helpful to me was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He says to just observe thoughts and let them float by. I can't say I always do that, but when I do it's useful.

  4. if you find an off switch, would you let me know where it is if you don't mind? sorry your brain is whirring and won't stop. i hope that it gets better for you and you get some relief from the pounding of thoughts. N xx