Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time to get up

Motivation. A distant concept right now. I sit here in my pajamas at 1pm. I am ashamed to admit, and I can only admit it here under the cloak of anonymity, that I have not showered or changed in 2 days now. Gross, huh? I am supposed to go over to my mate (F's) house for dinner tonight, but I have nothing to wear, because I haven't done laundry in over three weeks. (Mental Health Tip of the month: The best investment you will make as a mental is not therapy, its having enough underwear to last you at least one month without washing!) My Case Worker is coming around to my place tomorrow morning for a meeting, and I need to attack the house again since then. (Housework is so much easier to deal with for the mental who lives alone... you don't eat so no dishes, you don't shower, so the bathroom is immaculate, in fact the only place that is messy is about a 2m radius around your bed... unfortunately whilst I vegetate in there my lazy housemates are out messing up the rest of the house) I need to reply to Bachelor Number One's email asking me around for dinner tomorrow, but I can't decide whether I can be arsed to go. Well, truthfully, I know I can't be arsed, so I need to decide whether I'm going to be a good girlfriend and go anyway.

So, lots I could do... clean house, clean clothes, clean self... I dunno, maybe put something in my body other than diet coke. Uni isn't even entering into the realm of possability right now...........But what am I doing instead? Hrmmm.... watching bad tv on cable, surfing the net and staring into space. Wishing to God, that I could just suspend reality for a little while longer, and stay here without consequence.... but I can't.

I have the appointment with BossPsychDoc tomorrow. You know when you were a kid and you wanted desperately for the clock to just stop, so school holidays will never end? That's me, I just don't wanna go. I. Just. Don't. Waaaaaaaannnnnnna!

I need to get up, and start. Right now...............or maybe in another half hour. Sigh.

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