Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Skillz

Thera are many ways we attempt to fight this crazyness that trys to drag us under. One of my regular tricks is to try and learn something new and different. Not necessarily something that forces me to leave the house or talk to people or anything ridiculous like that. Just some tiny little skill, that I can add to the list of my personal inventory, that signals that change is indeed possible and time is in fact moving forward. My name is Ophelia... I have read all of the Mary Ryan "Top 100 books for 2008" bar the bible, I can crotchet a blanket, I can paint a watercolour, I can emboss paper, I can play "Three Little birds" on the guitar, and as of today......... I can make balloon animals!!

I am still alive, still here, and still moving forward and changing, albeit ever so infintisimal!

Therapy tomorrow. Time to be really honest and see what I can do to get the madness under control.


  1. Oh my god! Did you make those? I am so jealous! What a brilliant idea, and one I never would have thought about. I have a real problem with doing "fun" things. Like everything I do, even "fun" stuff is goal orientated. I am going to get in touch with my inner child and go to the toy shop! Inspired.

    I hope therapy goes OK. Honesty is courage, you have plenty of that to be where you are now. Thinking of you O, take care of yourself.

    Lola x

  2. Lol. Well... I didn't make those ones exactly... couldn't be arsed taking a photo of the ones I made so I just downloaded a pic from google images.... but I think mine look just as good! Plus, I made a flower hat (a purple flower, attached to a balloon headband) which I am seriously considering wearing to therapy tomorrow, just for a little diversion! :P

    Definately go to the Toyshop, Miss Lola... your inner child demands it!