Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its important to remember

Its important to remember to take the little pieces of happiness, when you can. Its the only way to keep your head above water... Somebody reminded me of this today, so I thought I'd write a list here to remind me when I am really low.

5 Things that make me Smile!
1. Babies... I love being around babies and children. I feel more relaxed and yet energised at the same time... I love the gurgles, the sloppy questions, and especially the folds on their chubby little legs
2. Books... When I can concentrate, I can find almost anything I need in a book, comfort, insight, fantasy, escape, hope
3. My Cat... she is a little she-devil, but when its down to the crunch she sits by me through the worst times
4. Rainforests... there is just something magical about a rainforest, like being in a fairy glen.. even if i do seem to attract every tick within a 5km radius
5. Photography... Catching the heappy moments, the beauty, so I have something to hold onto in the ugly, unhappy moments.


  1. *Giggles* Number 3 really struck a chord, I think my housemates cat hates me. It's developing behavioural difficulties and I'm convinced it gives me evil looks!

    Lola x

  2. LOL lola... I sometimes she looks at me like she is planning the ways she can kill me in my sleep... but other times when I'm down, she is a real sweetie, snuggling beside me all day, as I lie, I a big sodden mess of despair!