Monday, August 10, 2009

I just noticed a mountain goat in the tip I call my loungeroom

Perhaps a sign of the tide starting to turn? I have just looked around and realised what a complete and utter doss house I am currently living in. Usually, I am slightly OCD about keeping the house in order... I guess it makes me feel like I have some sembelance of control in my life. But in the midst of my current 'spin-out', the house and all that it entails has fallen to the wayside. And in my complete and utter apathy regarding everything at the moment, I haven't even really noticed the mess, the dishes piling up (heck, I'm not eating...what do I care?), the washing piling up (I'm wearing my pajamas for the forseeable future...what do I care?) or the fact that I have simply been shifting the detrius to the other side of the bed so I can get into it (I'm only sleeping an hour or two a night...once again...what do I care?) And of course, woe and betide that my housemates would notice and do something about any of the above. I guess they just feel we're embracing a new As, I say, up until today it just hasn't even registered through the fog I've been walking in. But today I took a good, hard, look around and I noticed it... and it even bothered me a bit. I haven't yet got the energy to do anything about it... but the fact that I noticed it has to be a good sign......right?

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