Sunday, May 16, 2010

One little bite

Well, I've manage to take one little bite at the work I need to get done if I am to be able to do my practicuum next week. One assignment pretty much done. One more to do. And a whole pile of other things on the to do list not even touched. I just wish I could freeze time for a while. I just need some time to lie here, with no demands on me. It all feels like to much and I am being pulled under. I am dreading this week.


  1. Oh yeah, that's a feeling I know well. I just posted yesterday about that overwhelming feeling of trying to get things done, sometimes anything at all. Keep biting off tiny pieces, and give yourself lots of praise. Good luck with it!
    Adventures in Anxiety Land

  2. Hi honey. Wondering how you're doing?

  3. Hoping you are okay. Sorry I don't normally comment but I read and I care. Just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you.

  4. You out there anywhere, O? Miss you.

    Lola x