Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monkey Me

Very glad I was not suffering from the drug induced vertigo I had last weekend, today. For lots of reasons, but primarily, because I spent 3 hours, about 20 ft in the air attached to various wire aparatus with some rope and a harness! And my body is KILLING me now! But it was a lot of fun, and really a great way to rid the mind of gremlins temporarily. You have to be so mindful of safety (hook on, hook off etc), and determined and logical in figuring out the ways to make your way across obstacles of increasing difficulty. I had that whole "Mission Impossible" feel as I made my way backwards, and upside down across wires, jumped across ever increasing gaps from pole to pole (about 10cm in diameter!!) climbed up rock walls and cargo nets, through backwards through barrels suspended 20ft, across about four different flying foxes of various lengths and inlcines. My feet didn't touch the earth for three hours. I had a few moments of "I can't do this, its too scary" type panic. But mostly, it was "I can't do this, I've slacked off on the gym and now my upper body strength is somewhat pathetic" type panic. But I was determined to finish the course. And I did. Did I look ridiculous in my parachute jumpsuit and harness get up? Yes! Am I going to regret it with every muscle and fibre of my being when I wake up tomorrow? Likely! But, I went, I climbed, I conquered, and for three hours in the tree tops, I was at peace


  1. Wow! I want to do something like that! I'm so gald you were feeling well enough to do it and the gremlins buggered off for a while. :)

  2. you are braver than me, I couldn't do that, not because of the height but I have no upper body strength at all. Good for you for doing it and finishing it and even though you'll likely be in pain today and for a few day, it'll make you feel good about yourself hopefully!