Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bleurghy has mostly gone

Appointment with BabyPsychDoc went as I had hoped yesterday. They have taken me off Effexor and put me on to Celexa. Still a wee bit nauseaus and dizzy, but nowhere near the horrible vertigo I have experienced for the previous week. I'm to call her tomorrow to let her know how the Cymbalta is going as it is an SNRI  (?) too. Missed therapy yesterday morning as I just would not have been able to navigate my way across town. Was going to take bus to Mental Health Clinic in the afternoon (literally like 500m from my house, but up a big hill, and the bus stops right outside my door and practically outside their's.) but Case Manager (M) called me, and when she heard how I was doing offered to come and pick me up for the appointment, which was great. The reason for her call, not so great. I have known for a fortnight now, that she is going on two month's leave, and she rang to arrange a time at my house tomorrow so I can meet her replacement (A). I am assured by everyone that (A) is lovely. She is an OT not a psychologist, but I am not sure how much difference that makes from a case management point of view. But I am often not good at opening up with new people, and trust is a huge issue for me, so the change will be....somewhat unsettling. Added to this my therapist (D) is away next week too, and BabyPsychDoc (Dr F) is on nights, I am left feeling somewhat bereft of my normal supports for those little crisis moments. But chin up, (K) is still around, and (D) will be contactable by phone.....and (A) well, I'll withhold judgement till I meet her. In other good news, my Group sessions on Wednesday's is going really well, and I am starting to feel a real cohesiveness with the group. Me, catergorically, not being a "Group" person. But there is a real sense of acceptance for who you are, and whatever state you may be in at that time. It is a shame it is so short in duration really.


  1. Hey Missy, glad to hear that the group is working out for you, but sucks to hear so much change in your support network. Lets hope the Celexa does it's stuff, the last thing you need is feeling Bleurghy on top of everything else.

    *Passes Balloon Chipmunk*

    Lola x

  2. Celexa is Citalopram, which is an SSRI, and one of the best for lack of side effects. I had slightly weird dreams on it but that was about as bad as it got to be honest, whereas Venlafaxine gave me horrible side effects. Although the worst I have had for side effects was Trazodone. That was evil stuff.

    Sorry you are going to have some time with less support, that is always hard to deal with. I hope A is nice though. x